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Lincoln Park Baptist Church
286 Crawford Ave. Wenatchee, WA 98801 - (509) 662-5500 - lpbchrch@nwi.net
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"As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: 
Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving."
~Colossians 2:6-7~
​Serving the Lord in the Wenatchee Valley since 1954
Our Church Staff
- Pastor Daniel Pierce & Family -
Pastor Pierce's Salvation Testimony & Call to Ministry

After being born in the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon, Pastor Pierce was blessed to grow up under the teaching of two wonderful parents. Being Christians themselves, they loved the Lord, and wanted him to grow up doing the same. Along with Godly parents, God also blessed him with a great church. He had a faithful pastor, a loving church family, and several devoted Sunday School teachers. However, he knew that did not make him a Christian. As a young boy, he knew he was still a great sinner. One specific Wednesday Evening in “Tiny Tots”, he remembers hearing a lesson about the Lord's Supper. The teachers continued to talk about what God had done, what Jesus had done, and what they could do for him so he could be in Heaven someday. Later that evening, while sitting on his bed in Superman pajamas, his mother was putting away some clothes.. He was thinking about the lesson he heard that evening, God was burdening him, and he knew he needed to be saved. He just needed to know how. So, he asked, "Mom, how do I get saved?". She then carefully explained the things he needed to know and understand. Since he was still pretty young, he assumed that he needed to wait for a good time to pray, and he thought that being in bed was not a good time or place to do it, so he waited. A few nights later, during family devotion time, his family members each took turns praying.. When it came to be his turn, he figured there was no better time or place then that time or place. So, that night, at the age of five, God came into his life, and made him God's child. 

As Pastor Pierce grew older, he was baptized at the age of nine. He then began to doubt his salvation. He was sunk deep in sin, and was not living wholeheartedly for the Lord. The devil took advantage of that, and wanted him to believe that he was not saved, After a few years, he attended a youth conference with the youth group, and 
during one of the sermons, the Lord took hold of his heart. He revealed the sin in his life, and how he needed to focus on living for Him. It was then that his salvation was no longer a doubt, but it was a great thing that God had done in him. He was excited! He truly understood that there is no one, and nothing that could take that away. That evening, he fully surrendered his life to God. He told Him that he would do whatever God wanted him to do, go wherever God wanted him to go, and be the kind of person God wanted him to be. As he began to grow and learn more and more, God revealed Himself to him even more. 

  As a teenager, he not only doubted his salvation, but also God’s calling on my life. He knew God wanted him in the ministry, but did not understand how God could use a young man such as himself. After a short time, the church secretary thought it was a good idea to have him participate in children’s church. With some reluctance he agreed to the opportunity, and has absorbed himself in ministry ever since. Through that ministry, along with bus ministry, church camp, Jr. High discipleship, Youth Nights, and a multitude of other opportunities, God burdened his heart for the next generation, and the opportunities he has to impact other’s lives for His glory and eternity. As a result, he pursued a pastoral and youth ministry major at Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC.

Mrs. Lacey's Salvation Testimony & Call to Ministry

                Mrs. Lacey was born into a strong Christian family that loved God and wanted to serve him. She had a strong upbringing and a good Biblical understanding. She knew all the stories by heart, but at that time, they didn’t truly hold any significance to her. At the age of eight, someone commented to her about being saved. She asked in complete ignorance, “What is the big deal about being saved anyway?” As a result, her parents took her to their bedroom and explained to her the importance of salvation. It was that night the gospel became personal to her, She accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior, and asked Him to forgive her of her sin and take her to heaven. She followed the Lord in believer’s baptism shortly thereafter.

During her pre-teen and teenage years, she struggled greatly with the assurance of her salvation. At the age of nineteen, Evangelist Tom Farrell took her aside as she began to pour her frustration out to him. He stopped her and asked a couple of questions, He took her back to the basics of the Gospel and helped her see that she wasn’t just making sure she was saved, but that she was questioning and not believing what God had told her. From that night forward, any time the devil tried to mess with her emotions, she reminded herself of those questions that Mr. Farrell had given her and John 1:12 that states, “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:”  She then could rest in the fact that God was trustworthy rather than holding onto a feeling for salvation.

                The pastors Mrs. Lacey had known up to this point in her life had lied to her family and were involved in some very underhanded dealings. In her mind, Bible college was a waste of time and full-time ministry was equated with heartbreak and trouble for her family. When she was sixteen God brought into her life the 
influence of her first godly pastor and youth pastor along with their lovely wives, who helped her see that Bible College was a place she could grow closer to God, if only she were willing and ready to seek His will. It wasn’t until God allowed a devastating trial in her family's life, when she was eighteen, that God began to move her heart to attend Bible college. Through all the confusion, God taught her that it didn’t matter what was happening, or whether or not she thought it was fair, she simply had to trust Him and rely on His plan. Her request to her parents to attend Maranatha Baptist College was met with a solid refusal. If she was to attend a Bible college, they agreed upon Ambassador Baptist College for a one-year Bible degree. She thought this would give her parents a college they were comfortable with and would give them the basis to move to Maranatha afterwards. During her first year of college at ABC God became so personal to her. He then placed in her heart the desire to help other young people grow closer to Him, and the idea that full time Christian service was what He wanted from her. She then began to pray if God wanted her in full time service that He would provide for her return to ABC for another degree, and would provide a godly young man with which she would share a ministry. God provided both of those prayers with answers. She was able to return and finish a three-year theology degree as well as meet her husband.

Pastor Pierce & Mrs. Lacey's Purpose Statement

When Mrs. Lacey graduated Ambassador with the one-year Bible degree, Pastor Pierce did not know whether or not Mrs. Lacey would be returning for another year. So, without knowing each other’s desires or intentions, Pastor Pierce and Mrs. Lacey spent the summer without contacting each other, praying if it was God’s will for them to be in a relationship, He, then, would put together the puzzle pieces of their lives and ministry. Pastor Pierce specifically prayed if it was God’s will, that Mrs. Lacey would return to Ambassador for another year, would work in the kitchen once again, and would possibly even begin attending his church. The fall of that year, Mrs. Lacey did end up returning for another year of Bible studies, was working in the kitchen to pay off her school bills, and feeling as if she was out of place at the church she was attending, began to consider (without Pastor Pierce's coercing) attending the church to which Pastor Pierce was going. This was a direct answer to Pastor Pierce's prayers, and opened the doors for Pastor Pierce to pursue a closer friendship with Mrs. Lacey. In October of 2016, Pastor Pierce asked Mrs. Lacey to be his girlfriend. Shortly before graduating Ambassador Baptist College in May 2018, Pastor Pierce asked Mrs. Lacey to be his wife. They then spent the summer working from home to save up for marriage, and Pastor Piercemoved to 
Pennsylvania in November 2018 to marry the love of his life.

Pastor Pierce and Mrs. Lacey knew from the very beginning of their relationship that God wanted them in the ministry. Through several experiences before and during college, they both gained an overwhelming burden for the next generation, and reaching others for the cause of Christ. Pastor Pierce had already been pursuing a 
ministry position before he graduated college, and after marriage, in April 2019, God opened the door for Lacey and him to move to Salem, VA, where Pastor Pierce would serve as Assistant Pastor. 

In June 2020, Pastor Pierce and Mrs. Lacey, then welcomed with joy their bouncing baby boy.
Around that time, Pastor Pierce and Mrs. Lacey knew that God was calling them to a different ministry. They didn't know where, what, or how, but they wanted to have open hearts and minds as they followed God's leading. As a result, in February 2021, God gave Pastor Pierce the opportunity to become ordained through the church he was ministering alongside in Virginia. Shortly thereafter, Pastor Pierce received an e-mail from Lincoln Park Baptist Church in Wenatchee, WA. He and his family went to visit in April of the same year, and after a unanimous vote, and answers to specific prayer of God's leading, the Pierce family moved to Wenatchee so Pastor Pierce could accept the position of Pastor.
Finally, in November 2022, they welcomed their bouncing baby girl into the world.

Today, Pastor Pierce's desire for his family is to serve the Lord by leading others to a saving knowledge of Christ, and a closer relationship with Him. 
He, wants to use this time and ministry to answer God's calling  to go wherever God would have him to go, do whatever God would have him to do, and be the kind of person God would have him to be.